RESILIANT Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) features application specific trust zones

RESILIANT SDP leaves attackers and unauthorized users abandoned at the dynamic RESILIANT Gateway

Pivot from “trust but verify” to “never trust, always verify” and complete your zero trust model 

Decrease reliance on aging network architectures and pivot to RESILIANT SDP trust zones

Policies that can’t be enforced can’t protect services in the cloud or on premise 

RESILIANT SDP separates the control plane from the data plane – protected services are effectively hidden from the internet

RESILIANT SDP decreases the risk of application non-compliance

DevOps shifts left on security – reducing security review cycles, bringing innovation into production faster


RESILIANT effectively reduces the number of successful attacks by admitting ONLY credentialed users from validated devices into the trust zone – even during ongoing attacks.

The RESILIANT architecture, developed over 5  years, enables the separation of the control plane from the data plane – separating policy decision from  enforcement.


The Controller, is the policy decision point which authenticates users, validates their  devices and authorizes access to services. 

The Client, installed on every device, provides a cryptographic passport  – a SPA – to enter the RESILIANT trust zone.

The Gateway features an internet scale, deny all packet filter- which dynamically enforces  policies. 

Mutually encrypted communications require both parties (user and  service) to attest to each other.

RESILIANT is an API based architecture  implemented at the application layer

What can RESILIANT SDP do for you?       

 SDP prevents common failures of network security

SDP denies unauthorized access propagation of malware

Users on mobile phones or tablets unknowingly propagate malware across the VPN into the broader network

SDP limits 

excessive access

Credentials of legitimate users frequently compromise VPN accounts but cannot penetrate the SDP trust zone

SDP accelerates security reviews for DevOps projects 

Agile projects miss deadlines due to network security coding and prolonged security reviews


Increase in network attacks is driving adoption of Zero Trust.

Only RESILIANT SDP completes the Zero Trust promise.

Agile Developers Choose Resiliant SDP to shift left on Security


Implementing RESILIANT API  eliminates surprises prior to  release and provides user access  assurance

DevOps and security can  coordinate the release for on  time delivery reducing threats  from unauthorized access.

Security aware applications are less  vulnerable to attacks from unauthorized users no matter  where they are located

Our Company

We believe that the software defined perimeter (SDP) is the missing pillar in today’s Zero Trust foundation. We share a common goal with our customers and other cybersecurity professionals – never trust, always verify to reduce risk from attacks. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations.

RESILIANT SDP decreases risk from application non-compliance, moves innovation into production faster, and decreases reliance on and costs associated with the ineffective network perimeter.

Providing the missing pillar to the Zero Trust model – RESILIANT SDP

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