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Resiliant Zero Trust E2E ™ guarantees unmatched security
from user access points to server applications.

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Zero Trust

Never Trust, Always verify.

Federal agencies and businesses continue to digitize and leverage the cloud at a faster pace than ever before. Consequently, this rising risk environment requires that all transactions between users and applications be secured without complexity and cost.

The Resiliant Trust E2E™ Zone is the most comprehensive overlay to your network security architecture giving you the power you need to prevent and block hackers at the point of access or network entry.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Gateway


Now and for the Future

Demand for SDP is being driven by increased digital business transactions and the need for securing applications and services in the cloud. Businesses, governments and users can no longer rely on fixed network perimeter to protect multiple assets spread across multiple cloud environments. RESILIANT decreases the risk of application non-compliance, reduces security review cycles, and decreases reliance on aging network perimeters and infrastructure.

Why implement a ZERO Trust Network Access approach?

Zero Trust introduces multiple components (6 segments), coordinated together to ensure the ultimate protection against hacking, flood attack etc.

Resiliant Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the only END 2 END Zero trust solution backed by Blockchain technology, AI, and Biometrics.

Experience That Matters

PIVOT from Defense to Offense

Never trust, ALWAYS VERIFY the User and the Device at the Point of Access and Entry.

User Verification
RESILIANT Trust Zones only admit credentialed users from valid devices and verified biometrics  – even during an attack. Using Resiliant ID, you can verify on the fly and know exactly who is trying to enter your network.

Device Verification

SDP client device authorization requests will be validated by the SDP controller. It applies the access policies based on combination of attributes such as user biometrics, user profiles, device status, location, geolocation, and infrastructure fingerprint. This is grouped into the SPA (single packet authentication).

Biometric Single Packet Authorization (SPA)™ uses proven cryptographic techniques to make internet-facing servers invisible to unauthorized users. Only devices that have been seeded with the cryptographic secret will be able to generate a valid SPA packet, and subsequently be able to establish a network connection.

At Resiliant, we secure SPA even further by adding a Biometric SPA™ (US Patent Pending) backed by blockchain technology, AI, and biometrics.



  • ID document authenticity verification

  • ID document stored in the blockchain

  • Extended ID managed


  • Seeded with a cryptographic secret
  • SPA (Single-Packet Authorization)
  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Mac…


  • SPA (Single-Packet Authorization)
  • Policy Decision Point (PDP) – Control Plane
  • Policy Enforcement point (PEP) – Data Plane


  • Applications/Servers hidden from hackers
  • Policy Enforcement point (PEP) – Data Plane
  • Creation of trusted zone


  • Network and system activity logs
  • Continuous diagnostics and mitigation
  • Troubleshooting / Incident replay


  • KPIs
  • Threat Data ( IOC )
  • Prevention

Our Company

Authenticate first, then connect. 

To reduce the risk of cyberattacks in today’s digital environment, we believe the Zero Trust approach must include End-to-End Identity Centric Verification and Authentication.


To improve the efficiency, cost, and effectiveness of security operations.


To secure access to critical services and applications while protecting data, networks, and users from the constant threat of hackers.



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